Terms and Conditions

Using commercial modelling tools, we have provided the attached quotation and our terms and conditions for your approval.

The quotation attached covers the full cost of the equipment, installation and compliance, there are no hidden fees or other hidden costs associated with the quoted works. However, whilst all care has been taken with the works to be undertaken and associated costs, however at some locations we may encounter unforeseen issues with your installation if so we will discuss the matter with you and seek your approval on any alterations or costs prior to the works being undertaken.

All quotations are valid for fourteen (14) days from the date of the quote

Prices are subject to fluctuation, on accepting after 14 days we may have to confirm the quote amount can be honoured. The information provided is to assist you in making an informed decision about your new system.  

All specific product information relevant to your quotation is constant subject to stock availability.  

WiFi & internet access are an integral part of a modern solar system to provide detailed information regarding your system performance. Depending on the system you have selected we will require a reliable internet connection via your router/modem or through your WiFi network. On the day of installation, if a WiFi connection is being used then we will require your network name and password. In some cases, your WiFi signal strength may not be sufficient from the meter box and a data cable may be required.

Government subsidy STCs

The solar system I have quoted is eligible for creating STCs under the current Australian Government’s Solar Credits Scheme. These STCs are a Federal sponsored subsidy. This is provided as an upfront discount reflected in your quotation. Upon installation, these credits are transferred to us to trade on your behalf and given as a point of sale discount. If you wish to manage them yourself, you can do so. Under the solar credits scheme, you will be issued with STCs which are traded on the carbon market like shares. Please understand that these STC values can be volatile due to supply and demand variances and so the value of the rebate may be altered depending on these values at the time of installation.

Industry Best Practice

Sunrise Power Solutions have been supplying and installing energy efficiency solutions across the Victoria and NSW for over six years directly and 11 years in the industry, we will complete all works associated with your installation, we also deliver best practice to our customers by adhering to the Clean Energy Council’s and network owner’s consumer information guidelines. www.cleanenergycouncil.org.au.

Compliance and Installation

All work is to be carried out by Sunrise Power Solutions (Electrical Contract Licence No -137515C) with certified electricians and CEC accredited installers.

  • All signage required by Australian standards (AS4777).
  • All cabling installation and commissioning of the solar system and/or battery systems.
  • 5 years workmanship warranty.
  • Processing of Small Scale Technology Certificates and Essential Energy installation reports.

For Victorian and NSW customers we also include the electrical Inspection Fee.

Proceeding with your quote please sign and return your quotation along with your 20% deposit as confirmation of your acceptance.

By signing this quotation, you are accepting our Terms and Conditions of Sale, which are attached and include full payment methods. We will be in touch again soon to follow up your quotation. In the meantime, if you have any further questions please do not hesitate to contact our office.

Kind regards,
Sunrise Power Solutions
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