Solar energy has been regarded as one of the cleanest forms of energy in the world at present. More and more people are being drawn towards solar energy as a preferable mode of energy for powering their homes and meeting their energy related requirements. But there is a general confusion amongst people that do solar panels produce energy at night. The common confusion is that since they are solar panels and work with sun, do the homes stay in dark during the night when sun is not there?

Well technically, solar panels do not produce energy at night because the photovoltaic cells present in solar panels must have access to sunlight to produce energy. But that is not the end of the story, there are two indirect ways in which solar panels can meet energy requirements of the homes during night.

Net Metering: - Net metering is one of the most popular of the Albury and Wodonga solar solutions. This involves connecting your solar your solar panel systems in Albury and Wodonga with the grid. The concept is like of a savings bank account wherein the excess electricity produced by the solar panels is deposited back to the grid. Herein the grid is connected with your home in two ways i.e. you can withdraw electricity from the grid as well as make a deposit back to the grid. So, with help of net metering you can use the grid power during the day while the solar panels produce electricity and it is stored in the grid. Then in the nighttime, when the solar panels are not producing any power, net metering is switched on and you can use the energy credits you had deposited to the grid during the day.

Solar Battery storage: - Another popular method is that you do not deposit the energy produced to the grid but store it in the batteries installed with the solar panel systems in Wodonga and Albury at your home. This way the solar panels recharge these batteries during the day with the solar energy and in the night this power can be used to meet your energy requirements during the nights. It is regarded as one of the best solutions for meeting your energy requirements with solar power system at the night as it allows you to live entirely off the grid.

With these two options you can harness the power generated by your solar panels during the day at the nighttime also and save a lot of money against your electricity bills.