Wodonga 4.5kw

Our clients, a young professional couple, were told by friends to contact Chris if they needed solar. The couple worked all day and still had high power bills. Chris was professional and easy to understand. He showed them just by having solar that they can still reduce the power bill dramatically and to look into battery storage…

Red Ramia Myrtleford

Chris showed the client that even though the upfront cost was high, they could have it paid off in only 1 and a half years. No one even mentioned that they could use the accelerated depreciation on this to help out with costs. So the client used accelerated depreciation to pay the system off in 1.5 years.…

Assemble 10kw Tracking Unit Near Bega

The client wanted to take full advantage of the 60 cent tariff for their solar system. Chris explained, by having a solar system with a tracking system, that it would increase the return rate on the investment at hand. It paid off extremely well for the client. Specifications 10kw Solar System On-Farm Installation 60 cent Tariff Was…
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Sunrise Power Solutions

Everything we do revolves around ensuring you get the Solar Spectrum Energy System that is right for you. Plus, sunshine improves the environment by tons – literally.