Star Hotel Barnawartha

Our client needed someone to think outside of the box with this project. They do not own the building but the power bills were just too much to handle, costing an arm and a leg. They never even knew that they could get a power purchase agreement, something that could easily help with the power bills. What…

Wodonga 4.5kw

Our clients, a young professional couple, were told by friends to contact Chris if they needed solar. The couple worked all day and still had high power bills. Chris was professional and easy to understand. He showed them just by having solar that they can still reduce the power bill dramatically and to look into battery storage…

East Albury Residential Install

Our client needed help with their power bills. The prices kept increasing and they wanted a local installer to help. The client was approached by many Sydney and Melbourne companies but alternatively wanted local support. The client knew if they were going to save for many years to come, they needed someone who could come out at…
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